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Spencer Shadrach
Web Application Developer
Service Render:
Web App Development
Tools Used:
Whimsical, Django, Django Rest Framework, React, Python, JavaScript, Bootstrap 4, HTML, CSS, Heroku, Docker, PostgreSQL, Stripe

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The Process

For Spencer Shadrach, there is just too much going on to not be giving this content away and creating a committed tribe of followers online. However, he needed a zero-fuss, easy to maintain system where he and his team (as non-techies) could create, edit, and publish video courses on the fly.

We met together, discussed the feature requirements, and then we whipped up some wireframes:


This was really beneficial because the client was able to see it and sign off on things or change them as he liked, and it is lightning fast to prototype using the tools we use.

We then launched into a development sprint, and within a short time, the Course Portal was up and running! Spencer's team was very impressed with it and especially how easy it was to update the courses as non-technical users.

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